• Welcome To 3D Vegas
    a Virtual World City

    3D Vegas is the first of many virtual worlds we’re developing that uses 3D technology and Avatars to open up a unique user experience in gaming, shopping, entertainment, travel and social media..

  • Next Generation
    Affiliate Marketing

    Our mission is to generate increased traffic for our clients, utilising groundbreaking techniques. Clients will benefit from existing customers being driven specifically to your brands, and new customers as they explore the city.

  • Taking Brand Marketing
    To Another Dimension

    With the right strategy, avatar marketing can dramatically increase virtual footfall, resulting in sales opportunities, brand loyalty, increased awareness and global revenue streams. Time-event marketing techniques will attract traffic to in-world competitions, games, shows and meet & greets in real time, exactly as in the real world

Brand Reveal InfoCitizenship Campaign

At its most basic level Visit 3D Vegas is an affiliate brand, Visit 3D Vegas has one job and one job only, to drive traffic. We can achieve this via our unique 3D Vegas Virtual World City, our affiliate marketing portal. Using ground breaking interactive avatar technology our mission has been to create the most effective engaging way of generating virtual footfall, providing maximum exposure to and sustained engagement with our brand partners resulting in lucrative sustained revenue potential. With the addition of time event marketing your brand will benefit from massive exposure on a global scale.Following extensive research and development we’re launching 3D Vegas Virtual World City representing the next generation in affiliate marketing. Featuring over 724 locations in 10 categories you will benefit from footfall driven to retail shopping malls, food courts, gaming communities, entertainment venues and to launch all of this with a bang we will announce the worlds largest avatar driven 3D treasure hunt which will include over $120 million worth of cash and prizes to be searched for within participating companies’ 3D branded environments.

3D Virtual Real Estate

Our letting agents will advise you on the most appropriate locations for your brands, where you will have the opportunity to highlight your campaigns, promoting new products and services in an engaging and immersive environment.

In-World Traffic Generation

Through regularly scheduled time-event marketing campaigns such as our world exclusive treasure hunt we are able to drive users to your campaigns, products and services resulting in increased awareness and ultimately revenue.

Next-Gen Social Network

Users of 3D Vegas create their own unique Avatar and their own 3D room allowing them to connect and interact with each other just as they would in real life. Your customers can now visit your 3D web space and communicate with their friends, bringing a new aspect to social media as a revenue generator, and we will provide you with comprehensive analytics of their experience.


There have been huge developments in 3D technology and with the rise of 3D films and now 3D television sets popularity of this medium has exploded on to the market. It is now possible to design 3D virtual environments or experience 3D interaction by simply using a web browser as part of your brands online presence, which strengthens brand awareness and helps towards building better relationships with potential customers and businesses. Instead of targeting passive eyeballs, marketers here have the opportunity to interact with engaged minds in the form of virtual footfall.

Social Networking has just gone 3D. Through the platform users are able to interact with friends in a truly new and immersive experience. Users create their own unique avatar and 3D room which they can personalise to make their own. This forms the basis of the avatar social network which opens up a new world of customer engagement opportunities for your business and brands.

3D Virtual Search Engine. Sight is still the most powerful influence of impulse buying. A user of 3D Vegas Virtual World City is engulfed in a digital environment were everything they may want from an industry is in one place and is presented in a visually engaging way. Users avatar’s can provide your business with extensive user insights – for example, a user perusing products in a store or visiting a new location and discussing it with a friend – all this behaviour can be tracked and logged in our database. All of this analytical data is collected from activity initiated by the users avatar, aside from being priceless to marketers in the long term, this data will be processed and available immediately


Easy to Customize

We know how important brand image is and we want to work closely with you to ensure that your 3D web space truly represents your brand. With hundreds of customisation options we can create a unique ‘on-brand’ web space for you and your customers.

Immersive 3D Web Space

Within your 3D web space you will have the unique opportunity to influence conversion. Now how many affiliate partners can give you that? Once a user has entered your web space you can engage with that user to help them through the conversion funnel or direct them to a particular game or item that they are looking for.


As in any real city, your brand will be subject to users passing by your store front which opens up a whole new pool of potential customers.

Premium Support

As a partner of 3D Vegas our team are on hand day and night to help resolve any potential issues you may face. You can be assured that no matter the time, we are here to help.

Tons of Options

From Analytics to Avatar and web space customisation we’re able to deliver a huge amount of options available to you to deliver your brand experience to your customers and benefit from the in-depth insights available through our analytics console.

Our Bright History

  • May 2019

    3D Vegas Goes Live

    3D Vegas has many integral parts that had to be managed and made ready before we could go live. Like any city you need city administrators, departmental heads and of course people and businesses. With 724 locations to manage and an amazing traffic generation promotion to plan. We are now looking to take 3D Vegas to market in Qtr 1 of 2019 and it will be televised.

  • February 2015

    3D Vegas' First Presentation

    An opportunity presented itself to show off 3D Vegas to the gaming industry at the Pitch ICE competition at the 2015 ICE Totally Gaming Conference. We were 1 of 24 igaming companies asked to take part in the event. It's always tough presenting to your peers never knowing how the industry will recieve your proposition. Well 3D Vegas won them over in style.

  • March 2014

    Grosvenor Casino Said Yes

    Grosvenor Casino owned by Rank Interactive was the first online casino to say yes and commissioned the first 3D avatar driven Casino lounge in 3D Vegas. We received a very enthusiastic reception to the finished project and makes grosvenor casinos our first of 724 igaming web-spaces due to reside in our online gaming city.

  • September 2013

    The Vision

    As more and more of the population gain an interest in gaming and the need by the industry for a consolidated interactive user engagement mechanism. The demand for our product has increased in this industry. To meet the expected demand Visit 3D Vegas was conceived as a totally immersive and engaging immersive virtual city.

$120 Million Treasure Hunt
Bring On The Traffic:

Through the unique application of Time-Event marketing we are launching 3D Vegas in style with the world’s first 3D, avatar driven Treasure Hunt with a huge $120 million worth of cash and prizes to be searched for and won. We’re delighted to bring to the market an exclusive traffic generating promotion which will provide resident companies with an exciting, and engaging social media driven campaign that will attract millions of treasure hunters, visitors and players from all over the world resulting in hours of in world branding exposure, one on one brand interactions and marketing opportunities.

The Treasure Hunt is filled with cryptic clues, observation questions and other captivating puzzles. Each of our top prizes covering 10 categories within 3D Vegas – requires a different ticket to enter. Clues will be planted in secret locations though out 3D Vegas, maybe even your location. A user has to collect 7 special items in order to gain a chance at winning their chosen prize.

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List of benefits - Avatar Marketing

As an affiliate we see our job here at Visit 3D Vegas as one of traffic generation, driving new and existing players to your 3D web space using a totally unique and fun set of engagement tools. This makes it possible to experience 3D interaction as part of an online presence, which strengthens brand awareness through the following:

Game Play

Virtual world technologies have improved over the last few decades and it’s estimated that virtual worlds may well eclipse the traditional way of viewing film, TV, and non–role-playing computer games. That's because instead of watching someone else's story unfold in front of them on a screen, users of these worlds create and live out their own stories. We've seen this trend within iGaming and we’re taking it to a new level.

Data Capture

The amount of marketing and purchasing data that could be mined is staggering in a 3D world. No longer measured by search engine algorithms once in a virtual world the users virtual footprint is tracked and recorded by our user tracking systems. For example, perusing products in a store, or visiting a new gaming vendor then linking and discussing their findings with a friend – which can be tracked and logged in our database.



Through the in-built avatar social media platform, users are able to showcase their activity, connect with friends and share their experiences online. This increases the users excitement through having the chance to engage and interact with friends on a new platform.

Social Interaction

Social Networking has just gone 3D. Through the platform users are able to interact with friends in a truly new and immersive experience. Users create their own unique avatar and 3D room which they can personalise to make their own. This forms the basis of the avatar social network which opens up a new world of customer engagement opportunities for your business and brands.


724 Locations to Explore

Their are no shortage of things to do in 3D Vegas, entertainment venues, shopping, visiting art galleries, attending live shows and concerts by major real - life artists to in world virtual promotions organised by individual residents. So much to do 'Are You Ready!


Shopping Zone


Gaming Zone


Food Court


Travel Zone

List of features - What We Do


Let your avatar do the walking

Visit 3D Vegas offers a familiar real-life metaphor - window shopping. This allows visitors to stumble upon products they never knew existed. And it’s a relief from the hard work involved in clicking on lots of small thumbnails to see what the product really is.

User engagement

Businesses will be able to display and sell their products or services in this 3D social environment.Gaming operators and advertisers will have the ability to interact with their customers and gather a wealth of information about them to align their product or service offerings in order to maximise sales opportunities.

Brand building

Visit 3D Vegas promotes our advertiser’s product or service in exchange for earning a commission either on a CPA, Revenue Share or Hybrid of the two. As an affiliate we are looking for companies that carry a variety of products and services, and that caters to different customers – but yet have a clear focus and direction on its niche.

Access to a new consumer

The final component that completes the affiliate relationship triangle is the consumer. The consumer is the one who actually sees the ad and then acts upon it. The 3D Vegas consumer represents a cross section of ages, ethnicities and purchasing power.


Affilate Partners Registered So Far


Users Registered during Beta


Total Prizes Sourced To Date


Coffee/Tea Drunk

3D Vegas Launch Diary

Aims and Objectives current financial year:

  1) Build our network of creative staff from 6 to 30 in house and over 100 freelancer in the areas of Photography, Graphic Design and Journalism to support the core nature of our business model.

2) Begin the design phase of three new virtual world projects;  Gambling Addiction Treatment Research,   3D Conference Network and 3D Olympic Village. These will compliment our current product inventory Visit 3D Vegas and The 3D Treasure Hunt

3) Develop an Avatar driven affiliate marketing program were users will be able to earn income acting as virtual commissioned sales representatives for in world brands.


Mar / 2018


May / 2018

3D Vegas Will Open To The Public

Mayor 3D Vegas


Jun / 2018

Our Team:

Visit 3D Vegas is built on the premise that successful organisations are driven by their unique culture and values, not only attracting people, but maintaining and growing them.


Dion Croom


Business Strategy & Models, Leadership & Organisational Design, Chairman & Board Adviser, Business Keynote Speaker

Current Position
Mayor 3D Vegas/ Chairman
The Virtual 3D Web

Terry van Rhynn

Marketing/Verticals Director

Responsible for crafting an effective communication messages to the target audience and implementing the same using different media starting from Internet to newsletter. Responsible for media management and measurement. Liaison with creative agencies and designing marketing collateral


Jean-Pierre Houareau

Chief Financial Consultant

Consultant to the CEO, providing strategic financial direction on current business sector growth and new opportunity options. Manages relationships with regulators and tax authorities. Jean-Pierre has full P&L responsibility.

Pricing Tables

Visit 3D Vegas offers our robust virtual world platform for enterprise and educational markets at competitive prices. Take a look at our available packages below, and see which one suits your needs and your budget. To find out more, please call our offices directly at +44 (1624) 645390 or email: sales@visit3dvegas.com.

Server hosting & maintenance - £1,999/yr      Database hosting & maintenance £799/yr


£ 595 / per month
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Payments Integration
  • 3D Web Space Design
  • Store Links
  • 24h Support
  • In-World Branding


£ 1,800 / per month
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Payment Integration
  • 3D Web Space Design
  • In-World Branding
  • 24h Support
  • 3D Web Space Hosting
  • 3D Web Space Hosting

custom build

£ Call / per month
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Payments Integrated
  • Developer Platform
  • Mobile Site and Store
  • 24h Support
  • Unlimited Actions

Treasure Hunt Prizes

We will be launching 3D Vegas with the world’s first and largest jackpot virtual treasure hunt. With cash and prizes worth over $120 million. 10 treasure maps, 10 life changing jackpot prizes including over $22 million in cash scattered throughout the virtual city. This will be the world's largest virtual treasure-hunt such a life changing brand building and sales opportunity should not be missed.

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